Connect to Extended Freedom Network

Connect via Allstar

Extended Freedom Network Official Allstar Nodes

  • 2195
  • 2197

*Please remember to avoid network loops or any other problems we ask that you disconnect from any other networks / hubs before connecting to the Extended Freedom Network.

Connect via EchoLink

  • Node 115824 *XFREEDOM* (Official Conference Server)
  • Node 114238 M0XFN-L 

Not got an account? Register for EchoLink now! Register here!

Connect via DMR

We are very proud to have our own DMR Server at the Extended Freedom Network.

You can find us via the DMR Server options in PiStar listed as FD_GB_XFreedom_Net

Extended Freedom Network SIP Phone System

We also have our own Dedicated VoIP Network that allows you to connect to our Multimode network and to some of our partner networks via SIP Bridges.

This service is available in all countries and we welcome everyone to join a growing SIP service. Please see Terms & Conditions - SIP.

Click here to Register for the service.

Connect via YSF

Extended Freedom Network GB XFreedom 23525
CQ-North GB CQ-North 23450
Scout Radio Network GB-Scout-Radio 01907

PA7LIM's Peanut System

PA7LIM'S The Peanut

Connect to us by Selecting Room "YSF-XFN" from the "GB" Category

DVScotland Phoenix 23525

Connect via DV Scotland Phoenix IPSC2 DMR+ Network

We are very grateful to the entire DVScotland Phoenix Team who have allowed us to bring the Extended Freedom Network to their IPSC2 DMR+ Network.

You can connect via the DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh A/F/K servers (as appropriate) and use TimeSlot: TS1 - TalkGroup: 23525

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Connect via Hamshack Hotline

Hamshack Hotline – 94115

Check out the official Hamshack Hotline website to learn more about their network.

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Connect via TGIF Digital Network

Talkgroup 23525 

HamsOverIP 25005

Connect via Hams Over IP

HoIP Number – 25005

Check out the official Hams over IP Website to learn more about their network.

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Connect via Teamspeak

Thanks to our friends at the International Radio Network
You can connect to us via the IRN Teamspeak
KB1 Multimode Links KC1MUV Channel

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