RCWA Boredom Breaker

RCWA Boredom Breaker Net

This net was started on April 3, 2020 by Johnny Renfro (N5XQK) and the Rogers County Wireless Association officers. It was originally planned as a health and welfare check and also as a way to break the boredom during the restrictions of the Covid pandemic.  It has evolved into a great daily net that many folks look forward to each day.

NCO Schedule 12 Noon (1800z) 1:00 PM (1900z) 2:00 PM (2000z)
Sunday K5AVF - Alex
GW8SZL - Dave
2W0KYH - Declan
KB5VDB - Ron
Monday KC5SM - Susie
K5OSB - Lloyd
K5CFY - Ray
Tuesday KN4WDF - Faye
K5CFY - Ray K5AVF - Alex
Wednesday KD8EPC - Dustin
KB5VDB - Ron K5OSB - Lloyd
Thursday KN4WDF - Faye
K5AVF - Alex
KD5AFS - Grant
Friday KC5SM - Susie
K5OSB - Lloyd
KB5VDB - Ron
Saturday KB5VDB - Ron K5AVF - Alex
K5CFY - Ray

The roster can be viewed at http://boredombreaker.myaircastles.com/roster

The net control schedule can be viewed at http://boredombreaker.myaircastles.com/NCOschedule

Other connections:

  • RCWA Repeater: FM frequency 147.090 positive offset (+.600) PL=88.5
  • Allstar node 49562
  • Echolink N5XQK-R
  • Dstar XLXOKL A
  • DMR TGIF 49562
  • Hamshack Hotline 94002

More information available on https://rcwa.org